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Cooking waste oil collection Make your Business As Green And Clean

Cooking Waste Oil Collection

Waste cooking oil should not be disposed off with the rest of the catering or kitchen waste because it may cause spillages leading to odor or pollution problems. Liquid wastes are now banned from landfill. SANCO will provide assistance in collection of waste oil from your premises and help in effective disposal. SANCO has been collecting grease / used cooking oil waste in the Dubai area. We are a fully licensed facility approved by Dubai Municipality to safely collect and transport inedible grease waste from restaurants and other food servicing sites. All grease / cooking oil waste collected are recycled to a consumable product to preserve our environment.

We provide different grease / used cooking oil containers depending on our client’s needs. We offer various barrel sizes and large containers with spill resistant technology and a seal tight lid. Grease / used cooking oil collection is scheduled weekly, bi monthly, monthly, quarterly or on call. For sanitary purpose we replace the grease barrels every at every pick up to prevent hazard and foul odors.

We pick up and recycle cooking oil waste collected and picked up from restaurants and other food servicing companies. We will collect all types of used cooking oil waste; vegetable oil, coconut oil, peanut oil, olive oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, etc.