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Disinfection and Sterilization Services

At Sanco we offer Municipality approved product based disinfection and sanitization packages. Ensure your well being with our sanitization services. As we believe a Clean Place is a Safe place We use technologically advanced, professional sprayers to deliver a safe, effective shield of a disinfectant over all surfaces. A fine mist protects over and under all objects so everything your employees, your customers, members, and participants touch are disinfected and deodorized to clinically clean standards.

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Our Process

  • Our team bring all necessary materials and equipment required to sanitize and disinfect your premises (disinfectants, microfiber cloths, tissue, mask, coveralls and gloves).
  • All our team members are geared with safety PPE.
  • All equipment used are sanitized first.
  • Make sure windows are open for good ventilation.
  • Surfaces and floor are first cleaned to remove any dust particles.
  • All frequent touched areas (handles, doorknobs, armrests, seatbacks, tables, air/light controls, keyboards, switches etc.) are wiped with disinfectant soaked clothes.
  • Surfaces are then sprayed with the Dubai Municipality approved sanitation solution and left for few mins to dissolve and automatically absorbed within the surface –no rinsing require
  • All clean up wastes (clothes, tissue papers etc.) and safety PPE (coverall, gloves, masks etc.) are separately handled and dumped Double line plastic/trash bags
  • Team to have self-sanitized post completion of process
  • Video service reports provided

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