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Cleaning Service In Dubai, UAE

If you are looking for cleaning services in Dubai you are now in the right place. Sanco Environemental Services provides high quality cleaning services. We assure that our team finds and partners with well trained and experienced professionals , so that our clients get best cleaning services in Dubai. We promise hassle free experience.

As a cleaning and maintenance company in Dubai we aim to satisfy you by providing professional services that you can depend on. We have the reputation that is one of stellar character and enhanced customization. We are unique because we are:

  • tick markTrustworthy: We offer well trained, honest and professional workers.
  • tick markEco-friendly: Cleaning materials and products are eco – friendly since we care for the environment.
  • tick markQuality: We provide high quality products and services on time to make your life easy and convenient.
  • tick markTransparency: There are no hidden costs. We are transparent in our services.

Our Cleaning Services

Grease Trap Cleaning

Washes away all the grease deposits entangled in those trap

Grease Trap Supply & Installation

We install grease trap and play an advisory role with the help of architect/ designer.

Kitchen Exhaust/Duct Cleaning & Maintainence Service

Proper kitchen exhaust cleaning and maintenance reduces the fuel load and keeps your system cleaned and maintained.

Water Tank Cleaning

We offer water tank cleaning & disinfection service across Dubai, Sharaj, Ajman.

Sewage Tank & Sump Pit Cleaning

We offer maintenance, regular cleaning of sewage tank and sump pit cleaning.

High Pressure Drain Line Jetting (Pipe Line Block Removal)

We clean blocked drainage by using high-pressure water streams with a particular jetting nozzle to remove solid wastes

Cooking Waste Oil Collection

We collect the oil /grease from your place/home and dispose of it in the right way across Dubai.

Tanker Service

We ensure tanker safety and maintenance for wastewater transport services.

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