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Water Tank Cleaning

Water is essential for our daily life routine whether it is for cooking, washing or for shower. We just don’t need water but we require clean, pure water. Have you worried why your water has bad odor and tiny particles floating. Impure water has extremely negative effect on our health that leads to many diseases.

Water Tank Cleaning Service In Dubai

Most of the countries have the benefit of water direct to tap but in Dubai water is received through the tank and pump system. As we are aware that dirt, debris and various other contaminants builds up in the water tank over time that affects the water quality. This also makes water tank breeding ground for bacteria and in mean time we can see other water borne diseases lurking within them. So its preferable and Dubai Municipality recommends water tank cleaning in every six months.

There exists no rules on who can clean water tank, only some companies have certification and Dubai Municipality accredited water tank cleaning and disinfection expert technicians. Once you choose Sanco Environmental Services , then you can relax knowing that we meet high standards of cleaning that is necessary to leave you and your family with clean, safe water.

We are committed to provide customers with exceptional level of customer service. We are one of the best water tank cleaners in Dubai. We assure that we work with effective equipment, guaranteed prices and focuses in health and safety. You can sit back and relax as we clean, sample and report services that you need to meet water maintenance regulations and provide safe drinking water.

Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfection Services

Water tank disinfection is as important as cleaning the tanks. Bacteria developing in the water tank will spread through the system and will potentially multiply. We recommend bi-annual water tank cleaning for industrial and commercial buildings that supply water to a large number of people. Once our team have surveyed and cleaned water we will present you with the certificate for water tank cleaning. This certificate is very essential for industrial and commercial building owners who are bound to water regulation laws.

Our water tank cleaning service would be incomplete without quality equipment and we use only industry approved chemical products. Once you choose Sanco Environmental services we assure that you will receive best tank cleaning practices that industry offers

Best Water Tank Cleaning Company Dubai - Sanco Environmental Services?

  • tick mark Best tank cleaning services approved by Dubai Municipality.
  • tick markUsing approved chemicals and applying adequate chemicals
  • tick markService is been offered by expert technicians who are very well prepared.
  • tick markCleans and disinfects your water tank.
  • tick mark Inspection of tank is done after cleaning up.

Water Tank Cleaning Services By Sanco includes the following:

  • tick mark Tank Inspection: Preliminary inspection of tank is done and implementation of necessary pre-cleaning measures and tools.
  • tick mark Draining Water: Water is drained out from the tank.
  • tick mark Pressure Washer & Mechanical Cleaning: Removal of dirt using pressure washer with hand tools.
  • tick mark Disinfection of Tank: Internal surface of water is sanitized using chemicals offered by Dubai municipality. This eliminates all contaminants.
  • tick mark Contaminants are removed using submersible Pump: Dirty water is rinsed, collected and drained with a submersible pump.
  • tick mark Drying and refilling tank : Once the tank is cleaned then it is dried and refilled.
  • tick mark Reviewing the Services: Visual review of services are provided with before and after pictures of clean tank shared with the customer.

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