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Grease Trap Cleaning Service

Grease Trap Cleaning Service

Grease traps hold waste that flows through the sinks of kitchen. Build up of waste products in this area causes overflows, blockages, damage and unsanitary surroundings and conditions. Engineers design grease traps to prevent FOG from entering sewer systems, where these substances causes serious plumbing clogs, overflows etc. It is very important to preserve that your drains sanitation.

Are you looking for grease trap cleaning service provider? Then your search ends here! Sanco Environmental Services are there to help your business run smoothly to maintain highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation.

We provides grease trap cleaning services to clients and 24 hour emergency maintenance services. Our experts provides requisite skills and experience to deliver high quality service to all the clients.

Our state of the art grease trap cleaning service provides effective way to measure, clean and remove waste. We also offer preliminary visit on site to service the contaminated grease trap to determine pumping schedule that fits your needs.

Our specialists inspects and professionally cleans your sinks before you even notice. We know the busy schedule of restaurant and catering service kitchens. To cook another batch of food they have to wash the utensils quickly and frequently. Regular grease trap cleaning services makes work cycle to continue the uninterruptedly.

Benefits of Grease Trap Cleaning

Are you aware that clogged grease traps can leak fats and oils into the effluent water and pollute the water? Preventive cleanliness goes hand in hand with environmental protection. This is why we only use eco-friendly cleaning solutions in our grease trap cleaning services.

Why To Choose Sanco for Grease Trap Cleaning?

Sanco Environmental services stands for uncompromising cleanliness and an environmentally-friendly approach to commercial kitchen cleaning. We research and develop innovative solutions for the food service industry and offer our clients advanced grease trap cleaning services in Dubai.


Our Specialties

  • Effectively and professionally vacuum, pump and haul the liquid waste and sludge from grease traps.
  • Volume of grease removed is recorded on the maintenance log.
  • Reliable, efficient, hygienic and cost effective maintenance.
  • We maintain proper transport and follow all Municipality regulations.
  • We visit the Grease Trap service upon scheduled Annual Contract.
  • Annual service package for Grease Trap Service, General Drainage Systems Survey as well as Emergency Call Services is provided.

Legal Notice:

Grease trap waste is classified as controlled waste by the Environment Agency that legally can only be removed from your site by a registered waste carrier.