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Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning / Maintenance Services

The essential part of restaurant maintenance and hygiene is having your kitchen cleaned regularly. Building up of grease in the kitchen hood and exhaust system increases the chance of fire and puts you at risk of breaking compliance regulations.

A proper kitchen exhaust cleaning and maintenance reduces the fuel load and keeps your system cleaned and maintained. We are experts in the field of restaurant kitchen exhaust cleaning services and our experience has enabled us to develop best hood cleaning techniques

Importance Of Kitchen Duct Cleaning

Do you know that the heat, smoke and grease laden vapors while cooking are pulled out of restaurant through kitchen hood exhaust system. The vapors are directed into the hood through the vent hood filters, into the ductwork to the exhaust fan on the roof and safely exits the building. These vapors contain highly inflammable residues that provide fuel or a fire. These fires quickly spreads into the building .

Kitchen Hood Cleaning Service

Trained and certified technicians cleans your entire system. Our experts recommends proper cleaning frequencies using tools and equipments to measure level of flammable residues in your systems and reports to you on conditions that compromise the safe operation of kitchen exhaust system. Select Sanco Environmental Services as your kitchen vent cleaning service provider and be certain that you have made best decision for your facility.

Benefits of Having Kitchen Duct Cleaning Service By Sanco

  • tick mark Decreases the risk of kitchen fires.
  • tick markEnsures that restaurant kitchen has improved air circulation.
  • tick markImproved kitchen hygiene.
  • tick markReduces slips and falls caused by excess grease.
  • tick mark Ensures that you meet restaurant regulations and safety protocols of food serving establishment.

Meeting industry standards and safety requirements is of paramount importance whether you are a restaurant owner or food preparation facility manager. Regulations prepared by Sanco ensures that establishments are minimizing the risk of fire and other hazard.

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